Lose Weight and Get Slim in 2020 By Eating More Often

Traditionally, most families tend to eat three big meals each day. It has become a habit, something kids learn from their parents. However, this isn’t really the best way to lose weight.
When you only eat a few times a day your body has to contend with not having food for a number of hours at a time. A lot of people end up getting hungry in between meals and eating snacks, which can be okay if done right, but can wind up causing you to overeat if you are not careful about what you snack on. Also, if your body has long periods without food it tends to store more fat. The answer is to eat more often.

1. Buy and Eat Healthy Foods

If you are going to make an effort to eat more often, you need to make sure that you have healthy food options to choose from. You don’t want to eat the same old unhealthy junk or you will not lose weight. Stock up on things like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and soups. There are a lot of resources available for free on the internet that list the healthiest foods, these are a great start for your grocery list the next time you go shopping.

2. Make a Good Plan

lose weight quota The easiest way to start eating more meals (and healthier meals) is to write down what you plan to eat for each meal and use this to make your grocery list. This way you know what you should eat and when, and you will have all of the necessary ingredients. Stick to your list and your plan.

3. Eat Every 3 Hours

When you are first getting used to this new way of eating, it might be a good idea to set your phone or your watch to remind you when it is time to eat. Eventually your body will get used to the new schedule and so will you and it will be easy to remember to eat on your own.
time management for weight lose

4. Do not Eat Outside of Your 5 Meal Plan

Eating five smaller meals (with the same total calories as the three meals you used to eat or fewer) should give your body plenty of fuel. Don’t eat anything outside of your meals. Get rid of all the tempting but not so healthy cookies and crackers and things you used to snack on between meals.

5. Keep Your Eating and Drinking Separate

You will feel fuller sooner if you don’t drink beverages with your meals. Drink some water or some tea a bit before you eat, and then a short while afterwards.

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