Can Drinking Tea Help Me To Lose Weight?

green tea for weight lose 2020

Think about this – .45kg of fat contains approximately 3500 calories. Whether you use green tea, wu long tea or some other weight loss method to lose one pound of fat in seven days a person needs to take 3500 calories below what they normally would a day. This calorie reduction can be through exercise, diet control or a combination of the two.

Though they may not be magic cures green tea’s do have some scientific studies to back up that they aid weight loss and have many wide-ranging health benefits. Recently in the USA there have been countless clinical trials and studies into the benefits of tea consumption, especially in loose leaf teas. These teas have been shown to aid slimming, block allergens, increase the metabolism and protect drinkers from Parkinson’s disease. Research from scientists in Japan came to the conclusion that if a person was drinking five cups of green tea a day they would burn off an extra 70-80 calories each day through a process called thermos genesis – the process of organisms generating heat. While most of the thermos genesis in teas comes from the caffeine, studies suggest that in green teas it may also be caused by epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Slimming teas such as green tea and wu long tea (sometimes written as oblong tea) have long been used by dieters and slimmer’s globally to help them with their weight loss. If you consider the previous fact that loose leaf teas can burn off 70-80 extra calories per day if a person changed nothing about their lifestyle over a 43 day period, the only thing they did differently was drink 5 cups of tea per day then over that time period they would lose 1 pound in weight. It doesn’t sound like a lot but for doing nothing but drinking 5 cups a day it is actually a pretty impressive weight loss. So if you drink a lot of alcohol and it’s causing you to stick at an unhealthy weight, if you could stop drinking the alcohol and switch over to green tea.
Because of this small but excellent loss that really takes nothing to implement, millions of people across the world now drink these teas to help slimming and lose weight. They have been proven to really work and to be an excellent weapon in any dieter’s arsenal. So if a small but steady weight loss as a little boost is something you are looking for, why not try drinking one of the thousands of green teas out there?

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